Heaven and Earth Magic

by Politics of Jam

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released January 10, 2019

Recorded by Jesse Inman
Mixed by John Howard
Artwork by Augie Ruiz


all rights reserved



Politics of Jam Miami, Florida

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Track Name: 25th St. Blues
Born into an endless place
A blanket of self and vein
A non entity suspended in time
And restrained without his name

Mirror justifies the face
But never brings the rain
A vulture that once was a love
But then a bird flew into the brain

A car set ablaze in traffic
In the middle of the day
And this girl literally broke her neck
To see the flame.

Spinning the whole world around
keeps everything in place
So I'll sit without a thought to move
And idly watch the train

I've read up on history
And i know it all the same
Extreme Change dictates extreme actions
And I ain't seen a thing change

The world keeps moving forward
And it leaves us all behind
I've seen the point in protest
But it's not movement of mine.
Track Name: Why Cant We Get Along?
5 salted fingers and you don't care to share em
Bitter taste of out of focus, harum scarum
Eclipse over the summit of the imbroglio
I know where we stand
And there's nothing that I need to know

Yesterday it looked hard
With nothing real to give
Today I'll just rest in the sun and let it all set in
Yeah baby, what a shame
There's no call for names and no need to hate
But brother you and I are just not the same
Track Name: Falling
A steady decline
Curate history to catch no lies
And pieces falling in line
Caught in middle of body and mind

Asking the earth politely
"If I may step on you lightly"
And it replies to me...
"Only if you have somewhere to be"

When the earth rises to meet me
I'll see, I wasn't flying
I was falling freely

Red or blue or a klu klux klan
Don't bother cause I won't be your man
And if you don't understand
I'm not the future at the palm of your hand

Takers taking from leavers
Death to all the nonbelievers
And if you don't believe, ask the branch about the leaves that it leaves

When the earth rises to meet me
I'll see, I wasn't flying
I was falling freely
Track Name: The 3rd Secret of Fatima
A fading dream
A moment but not a memory
Of a burning sky and a flaming sea
And in between
There's you and me
With our hands caught onto to the past which seems so

Far away

Can it all be forever?
I don't want to turn around and see
A future made with no memory of me.
Lost in dreams
And the world will not compare man
So I'll see myself to the past
But my hands are lost

Far away

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